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segunda-feira, 11 de julho de 2011

Life-N-Def– Gangster Boogie

A1Gangster Boogie (Black-N-Proud Version)
A2Gangster Boogie (Boogie Beats)
A3Gangster Boogie (Acapella)
B1Gangster Boogie (Gangsta Beats)
B2Gangster Boogie (Instrumental)

quinta-feira, 7 de julho de 2011

Massive Attack And Mos Def – I Against I

A I Against I
Featuring – Mos Def
B I Against I (Instrumental)

domingo, 3 de julho de 2011

Ice-T – What Ya Wanna Do

Tracklist .
A1 What Ya Wanna Do (Edit)
A2 What Ya Wanna Do (Instrumental)
B1 What Ya Wanna Do (LP Version)
B2 The Girl Tried To Kill Me (Radio Remix)

Fila Fresh Crew – Tuffest Man Alive

Tracklist Hide .
A1 Dunk The Funk
A2 Truth
A3 Tuffest Man Alive
A4 Nasty
B1 I Hate To Go To Work
B2 Fear Of The Rap 
B3 3 The Hard Way
B4 Drink It Up

Heartbeat Bros. – It's The Beat / The Shake

Tracklist .
A1 It's The Beat (Vocal/Long Version)
A2 It's The Beat (Vocal/Short Version)
A3 It's The Beat (Instrumental)
B1 The Shake (Vocal/Long Version)
B2 The Shake (Vocal/Short Version)
B3 The Shake (Vocal)
B4 The Shake (Instrumental

The Invinceables - Kong in the city of doom

Tracklist .
Kong In The City Of Doom
Kong In The City Of Doom (Club Mix Version)

Word Of Mouth Featuring D.J. Cheese – King Kut

Tracklist .
A King Kut
B1 King Kut (New Remix)
B2 King Kut (Bonus Beats)

Jaya - Jaya

Tracklist .
A1 If You Leave Me Now
A2 You Mean Everything To Me
A3 Hooked On Your Love
A4 One Kiss Per Minute
B1 Shadow Love
B2 Everybody Wants What I Got
B3 Tonight You'll See
B4 Bring Back Your Loving