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quinta-feira, 26 de junho de 2008

The Radio Crew - Breaking And Entering

A1 The Glove - 6 P.M. Mix
A2 Spray It - Super A J
B1 Breaking And Entering
B2 The Glove Meets The Egyptian Lover
B3 The Egyptian Lover's Theme

terça-feira, 24 de junho de 2008

Evan Rogers - Stay Here With Me

Tracklisting :
A1 stay here with me original
B1 stay here with me instrumental
B2 stay here with me dub
Ultra Raridade ,By Carlos h

B.O.S.E. - Batman (The Original Swing)

A Batman / The Original Swing
B Batman / The Original Swing (Instrumental)

quinta-feira, 19 de junho de 2008

101 - Rock To The Beat

A1 Rock To The Beat (New U.S. Mix)
A2 Rock To The Beat (European Techno Mix)
B1 Rock To The Beat (European Xtasy Mix)
B2 Move Your Body
B3 Rock To The Beat

terça-feira, 17 de junho de 2008

Bryan Loren - Lollipop Luv

A1 Lollipop Luv (Vocal Version)
B1 Lollipop Luv (Instrumental Version)
B2 Lollipop Luv (Short Version With Vocal)

N.W.A. - Panic Zone

MC Nas-D & DJ Fred - It's My Cadillac (Got That Bass) (Remix)

A1 It's My Cadillac (Got That Bass) (Vocal)
A2 It's My Cadillac (Got That Bass) (Dub Mix)
B1 It's My Cadillac (Got That Bass) (Remix)

domingo, 15 de junho de 2008

Young & Restless - "B" Girls

A1 "B" Girls (Radio)
A2 "B" Girls (Mark Mix)
B1 "B" Girls (Big Bass Breakdown)
B2 "B" Girls (EG Mix)

Young & Restless - Poison Ivy

A1 Poison Ivy (Radio Version)
A2 Poison Ivy (Street Mix)
B1 Poison Ivy (E.G. Mix)
B2 Poison Ivy (P-Man Mix)

Sir Mix-A-Lot - Rippin' / Attack On The Stars

A1 Rippin' (Rippd' Up Remix)
Human Beatbox - Kid Sensation
A2 Rippin' (Bonus Beats)
B1 Attack On The Stars
B2 Attack On The Stars (Accapella)

sábado, 14 de junho de 2008

The Mechanic - Sweat

A Sweat
B Sweat Beats

Shayme - Summer Night (With U)

A1 Summer Night (With U) (T. Schommer Club)
A2 Summer Night (With U) (Power 96 Radio)
B1 Summer Night (With U) (Synthapella)
B2 Summer Night (With U) (Bonus Beats)

Eddie "D" Featuring Galaxxy - Cold Cash $ Money

A Cold Cash $ Money
B1 Cold Cash $ Money (Dub Mix)
B2 Cold Cash $ Money (Short Version)

quarta-feira, 11 de junho de 2008

The Dogs and Disco Rick - Do The Nasty Dance

A1 Do The Nasty Dance
A2 Do The Nasty Dance (Instrumental)
B1 Dogga Mix (Radio)
B2 Dogga Mix (Dirty)

DJ Slice / Kool Rock Jay - Check It Out / Slice It Up

A1 Kool Rock Jay Check It Out (Vocal)
A2 Kool Rock Jay Check It Out (Instrumental)
B1 DJ Slice Slice It Up

domingo, 8 de junho de 2008

Maggotron - Return To The Planet Of Bass

A1 Return To The Planet Of Bass
A2 Maggotron's In Your Closet
B Return To The Planet Of Bass (Bass Mix)

Sound Chasers - Novus Ordo

A1 War Games
A2 Time
B Speaker Freaker

Melba Moore - It's Been So Long

A It's Been So Long (Extended Remix)
B1 It's Been So Long (Edit)
B2 Don't Go Away

Loose Ends - Stay A Little While, Child

A Stay A Little While, Child (Extended Version)
B1 Gonna Make You Mine
B2 Stay A Little While, Child (Dub Version)

sexta-feira, 6 de junho de 2008

Heavy D. & The Boyz - Mr. Big Stuff

A Mr. Big Stuff (Extended Version)
B Mr. Big Stuff (Instrumental)

Taana Gardner - Heartbeat

A Heartbeat (Club Mix)
B Heartbeat (Party Mix)

Charlie - My heart`s on fire

Charlie - A1 - My Heart's On Fire (Vocal Mix)
Charlie - A2 - My Heart's On Fire (Instrumental)
Charlie - B1 - My Heart's On Fire (New School Vocal)
Charlie - B2 - My Heart's On Fire (New School Dub)
Charlie - B3 - My Heart's On Fire (Acapella)
agradecimento ao fabio es dj ,vlew mesmo

quinta-feira, 5 de junho de 2008

quarta-feira, 4 de junho de 2008

Sweet G - Games People Play

A Games People Play (Vocal)
B Games People Play (Instrumental)

MC ADE - Transformer

A Transformer
B Transformer (Instrumental)
agradescimento ao drony dj pela versão instrumental,valeu

& More - Materialistic Girl

A1 Materialistic Girl (Club Version)
A2 Materialistic Girl (Radio Version)
B1 Materialistic Girl (Omar's Dub)
Edited By - Omar Santana
B2 Materialistic Girl (Berrios Beats)

domingo, 1 de junho de 2008